The hardest part is going to places or hearing certain songs or just grabbing a cab and everything still reminds me of you and the things we did. I can’t deal with those memories, they ache and my vision gets blurry. Like something just hit me hard in my stomach. And maybe I just wasn’t prepared for my heart to be broken by you.
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Never go back to an old love. It’s like relighting a dead cigarette.
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I made my home
In the arms
Of a boy
Who kept moving
Further and further
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Anonymous asked:
Why do you seem so sad? It's a lot of effort dwelling on things that get you down.

I’m not that sad :) I sometimes have sad moments and I vent it out on tumblr rather than letting it come out in real life x


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Never love someone who treats you like you’re ordinary.
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Everyone was right about you. You were the last person she thought would screw her over. She didn’t believe everyone who warned her about you and told her to be careful with you. Despite all the bad things she heard about you, she still gave you the benefit of the doubt and gave you a chance because she thought she would be the girl you didn’t end up playing, she thought she would be the girl you didn’t end up lying to, she thought she would be the girl you didn’t end up hurting. She thought she would be different from the other girls you’ve been with, different enough for you to be good to her but she was wrong. Every time people spoke badly about you, she defended you. Every time people told her to leave you, she didn’t listen. Every time people brought up your past, she ignored it. But now, she feels stupid because you ended up proving her wrong and proved everyone else right.
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Seether - Breakdown

You can’t keep playing the victim
I’m the one who fought for us

You are so full of pretense it’s actually uncomfortable to watch.
You might trick yourself but you’re not fooling me.

You were fucking important to me but that didn’t count apparently.

Things seem so much clearer now.
Things are still tender, a little raw, but clearer.
I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward for the last few pieces healing.
Maybe you were right after all, I could have had so much better, and I will get it.
I was wasted on you and it’s your loss.